My week in pictures #1

Hello lovelies,

how was your week? And – more important – what have you planned over the holidays? How do you even celebrate eastern? Hiding eggs and gifts like we do it here with our children? Or do you have other traditions? I'm very (!) curious about it.

Like I mentioned, we hide coloured eggs and gifts for the children, so they can search them. Ok, we don't have childen in the family, so this is (sadly) cancelled. (I will hide a few treats for our bow wow.) But I remember the days when I was a little child. There was those easter hiking every year and I was so proud that I found so many eggs in the forrest. Until I found out that my dad took the eggs that I gave him and hide them again. Dirty trick.

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… last but not least …

Love, Mel … xoxo


How to Be a Fat Bitch #1

Hello lovelies,

in the last weeks I loved to read the blogposts from a few of my favorite blogs which take part in the ecourse "How to Be a Fat Bitch" from The Nearsighted Owl. This ecourse is free and don't have a time limit, so I decided to enter. Better late than never.

How to be a Fat Bitch ecourse

So here is my article to part #1 of the course: You are Not Giving Up

Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy.
  • playing around with my dog
  • baking cupcakes with my niece
  • a hot bubble bath after a stressful day
  • crafting tiny (glittering) things
  • singing out loud when nobody can hear me


How do you deal with people that make assumptions about you based on being fat?

I tend to answer "Not at all". But that's not the true. I'm already trying to stop justify myself to strangers and as well to friends and family. I did this nearly my whole life and decided that it's nonsense and wasted time. I'll come to the point on which I can say: "When people judge me just about my weight, then they should do. This aren't the people I wanna have in my life." I‘m polite to everyone, but I must not be their best friend. I'M going on to internalise this concept.

Is the best revenge to live well and be happy?

Why should revenge be my impulse to live well and happy? This makes no sense to me. I'll try to live well and happy, because it's better than live a sad and grumpy life. Not because I can show others "the finger".

How do you feel about the concept of there being a "good fatty" and a "bad fatty" perceived in society?

I'm trying not to care about it. Even the first point, this is a form from regulate your life from the outside. But I should be the boss of my underpant, shouldn't I?
I know, to say this and to live this is a huge difference. But every change starts with making a decision. And I decided not to care about what others say anymore.

Love, Mel … xoxo


Fa(t)shion: A wishlist from my closet

Hello fashion lovers,

today I'll show you a outfit I put together on sheego, a german plus size store with some little treasures. Like the skirt of this wishlist which is the center of the outfit. The colors doesn't bring the spring to us but it's right for the acutal weather.

Sheego Plus Size Collegtion

I'm so in love with that skirt and the jacket. I must admit that the actual weather not really a "pumps weater" but rather a "boots weather" is, but boots will work also at that outfit. 

What do you think about the collection? Should it be wore or better hide in the back of the closet?

Love, Mel … xoxo


OotD: Black&Red

Hello loves,

Uff … I know, I'm one day late. But yesterday was so horrible and stressful that I fail to do my post on the right day. Mea culpa.
After the gym I drove with hubby to the hospital and passed the whole noon and afternoon there. Thank god, the suspicion from our family doctor seems not to come true. I could take him with me back home and the medicines begin to work.

But enough from my poor hubby and more about nice clothes. I must admit that I love black … don't care what others think. It's not only a color to hide yourself. It's timeless, classy and you can combine it with every color you like. Today this color for me is: Red!

Belt and top: Bonprix | Trousers: Ulla Popken | Shoes: Zalando

The necklace is a Valentines gift from hubby.  Bought at Zalando. The bracelett is not really a bracelett but a necklace. I owned it since I was a little (really little) girl. My neck is too big for it so I wear it as a bracelett.

Love, Mel … xoxo


Beauty: DIY Lip Balm

Heyho lovelies,

tonight I'll share my favorite lip balm / lip gloss with you made by … myself. I enjoy making beauty stuff by myself like lip balm, body scrub, etc. And because I love you all so much I don't hide my secrets and don't become a millionaire.

Ok … just kidding. This wont make me rich because everyone can do it. It is so simple.

All you need is Vaseline, honey and some syrup. I used grenadine syrup but everything will work.

Begin with 2 teaspoons of Vaseline and heat it in the microwave for 15–30 sek. It should not become too liquid. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and stir it creamy. Add a lacing of the syrup, stir it again … et voilá. Fill it in little jars and … use it or decorate it as a gift.

The grenadine gives the mixture this soft rose touch but it wont appear on your lips. If you want some color you can use your favorite lipstick. Rasping a bit off, heaten it so it becomes more creamy to mix it better with the rest. Now you have a light color touch in your lip care.

The recipe produce about a half of the jars I used. I didn't have smaller ones so I used the empty vanishing cream jars. 

When I have sproud lips I use it overnight after I scrub my lips with a bit honey mixed with sugar. In the morging I have soft lips again. I love it.

Love, Mel … xoxo


Recipe: Caipirinha Cupcakes

Hello cake lovers,

today I proudly present you the tasty Caipirinha Cupcakes I've made at my nieces birthday. We both love cocktails, especially Caipirinhas, so I … bake them.

I used a basis recipe which I mostly use for my non-chocolate cupcakes and I modify it on demand.

* for the Caipirinha Cupcakes I used brown sugar
instead of the normal white sugar
  1. Heat the oven to 170 °C (325 °F) upper and lower heat. Prepare the muffin pan with the paper tins.
  2. Stir the butter and the sugar until creamy. That followed mix the eggs into it and stir it until creamy (yes, again). Then add the milk, the lime juice and the lime zest and stir it again.
  3. Mix the flour and the baking powder in a seperate bowl and fold it into the wet ingredients. Stir it not too long now!
  4. Fill the dough into the tins till they are filled three-fourth. Bake it between 17 and 24 minutes. Use a wooden toothpick to proof if they are ready. Prick into the cakes. If there is dough at the toothpick, they aren't ready.
  5. While the cakes are in the oven, you can prepare the frosting. Stir the icing sugar, butter and the cream cheese together till creamy. You can add some lime flavor. Be careful if you use liquids. The frosting becomes to runny quickly. Better you use dry flavors like some lime zest. Same count if you want to give the frosting another color with food coloring.  Place the frosting in the fridge.
  6. Before you decorate the cakes with the frosting be sure that they are cooling down. Add some nice little cocktail decorations
  7. Enjoy it. 
It's not that easy to translate a recipe into english with the right appellation. So if you find any mistakes which normally happen to non native speaker, give me a hint in the comments. I'm very anxious for upgrading my english. 

Love, Mel … xoxo


Beauty: Eyestudio Quattro

Hello beauties,

today I'll talk about one of my favorite eyeshadows, the eyestudio quattro from Maybelline Jade. Every color variant comes in 4 perfectly matched colors to create a fabulous eye make up. The colors are beautiful and they are easy to apply and to blend. If you have problems with blending different colors together, this eyeshadow is the right one for you.

It comes in eight different color variants. I actually use "02 vivid plums".

On the back is an instruction picture and the shades are numbered, good for people which are not so practiced by using different colors. No one is born as a master. But you can do it your way.

This is what it's look like. The pictures are a bit awkward but I have a really really … REALLY bad hair day.

I must admit: I'm a little Maybelline Jade "fan girl". What are your favorite make up products / brands? I love discovering new stuff.

Love, Mel … xoxo


OotD: Killer Curves

Hello ladies,

welcome to a new edition of "Fatshion Monday" here on my blog. The Invasion of the Killer Curves has arrived in germany. Beware!

Since I saw this tee from Betty Bee Vintage the first time at the blog of MrsBeBe I want it so badly. Then I saw it again on some other plus size blogs and the desire becomes snowballing. Finally I simply buy it. And I'm so happy. It became my absolute favorite tee by wearing it only one time.
So in this post I'll also "rocking the invasion".

I found the white jeans while I clear my wardrobe out. Wore it 3 or 4 years ago. But it had a huge stain at the lower leg and so I put it in my closet and forget it. After I found it I decided to simply cut the legs off and wear it as a short over my black legging.

The black legging is from Ulla Popken and I love it. It's out of nylon so it's more a tight without feet than a legging. The tights from Ulla Popken are fitting so well and are a true size. And I have them nearly for 6 month now and wore them a lot and they are looking still great.

I paired the outfit with my kitten heals I show you 2 weeks ago at my spring outfit. You can't be wrong with black kitten heels, don't you? Love them, but I think I need some arch support when I walk with them outside my apartment. Didn't try it yet. I think heels and snow are not a good combination.

What do you think about my killer outfit? Rocking or shocking?

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Love, Mel … xoxo


Recipe: Pasta with fresh tomatoes and rocket

Hello gourmets,

I told you yesterday from one of my favorite dishes, Pasta with tomatoes, smoked ham, rocket and parmesan. I'll let you in the mystery of preparation of these culinary delight. In short: I'll share the recipe with you.

OK, it is not really a recipe because it's more a by guess and by gosh dish.

You'll need (for 2 persons):

  • Pasta of your choice
  • 4-5 tomatoes (in case of the size)
  • smoked ham (Parma, Seranno, Black Forest or similar, ca. 8 thin slices)
  • chili and/or tabasco sauce
  • some rocket and parmesan

That's it. Only a few things will give a great taste. Okay … question: Am I swoon too much about this? I'll try to reduce it.

So … cook the pasta al dente. While the water begins to boil cut the smoked ham into small pieces (stripes or cubes, whatever you like) and roast it gently. Add the tomatoes and season it with chili and/or tabasco sauce.

While the pasta is cooking let the tomatoes boil down at medium heat. When it becomes to watery let the pot open but be careful that it don't becomes to dry.

When the pasta is done, serve it with the sauce and decorate it with parmesan and rocket.

The sauce you made with 4-5 tomatoes is normally enough for 2 persons, but I love it so much that I eat this portion by myself. In exchange I eat less pasta.

This is all a question of taste. You want less tomatoes, don't like rocket or smoked ham but therefore garlic or onions … try it out. (When you don't like smoked ham, you'll need some salt.) Less spicy or fu**** hot? Your choice. This is what I love on this dish. It's so simple and variable.

So, tell me if you will give the dish a chance and - when you did it - if you like it as much as I do.

Love, Mel … xoxo


OotD: It's glittering!

Hello ladies,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. My one was "so lala". Tired the whole day and no sleep at night. Welcome to my live. But I made some decisions and I'm very hopefully that I'll feel better soon.
So I have new plans for the future and I decided to celebrate myself a little bit. And what do you need for celebrating? Yeah … glitter.

Sadly I don't find any beautiful jewelry in my mingle-mangle that would match to the blouse, so I let it speak for itself. (What do you think could match without being to overdone?) I had it since - let me over think - 5 years or so. Even though I lost some of the little glitter sticker every time I wear it, it's in a great condition. The blouse is airy, feels good on my skin and I really love the colors and the pattern. The fabric is a bit transparent and with the right lingerie it's a nice eye catcher (especially for my husband).

I combined it with the lovely Jaquard Print Jeans from Evans which is sadly not more available. But did you see this amazing Rose Print Jeans? Adorable. And I have no money left this month. This is annoying but … welcome to my live. I find the best pieces when I'm out of money. And when I could buy them, they are out of stock. Have I mentioned that this is annoying?

Here is a closer view on the boots and the print of the jeans. Lovely, isn't it?

Ah … by the way: I had my first day at the gym today. I feel muscles I never expected I have them. But that fact wont keep me from my next step of "Celebrate Myself": I'll cook one of my favorite meals: pasta with tomatoes, rocket, gammon and parmesan. Yummy. And after that I will take a long hot bubble bath.

So … it's time to go. I wish you all a wonderful week.

Love, Mel … xoxo


OotD: Spring!

Hello lovelies,

spring is coming. At last. It was about time. Ok, I wouldn't bury my winter clothes too deep in my closet but … I'm optimistic. So … Goodbye thick jumper, hello Tee's. We have an absolute perfect weather out there. No clouds, blue blue sky and sun. Restock my sun reservoir today. And wondering how the daisies underneath our garden bench survived the winter.

I rummage in my closet for my purple shirt and my light jeans. The last one is indeed not the best idea when you have a huge dog whom love to play in the dirt but wherefore are washing machines?

Ok … caught. I would never wear those shoes outside when I'm on the walk with my dog. But I don't think you would love to see my dirty dirty dirty … dirty sneaker. Trust me.

All clothes are from Bonprix, my favorite seller before I discovered all the wonderful plus size stores out there. And I already love buying my clothes there.
The tee is actually one year old and as good as new, the jeans as well. It's a little bit short so I wear it as a 3/4. The shoes are comfortable but a bit too large. I bought some heel cushions and all is well. The necklace and earrings are a gift from my hubby a few years ago from Swarovski. Plain and timeless. Love them.

Yes, this is totally casual. Just me. I don't wear amazing clothes all day. So casual outfits are my main focus.

What do you think about it? Too simple? Would love to read your opinion.

Love, Mel …