Fa(t)shion: A wishlist from my closet

Hello fashion lovers,

today I'll show you a outfit I put together on sheego, a german plus size store with some little treasures. Like the skirt of this wishlist which is the center of the outfit. The colors doesn't bring the spring to us but it's right for the acutal weather.

Sheego Plus Size Collegtion

I'm so in love with that skirt and the jacket. I must admit that the actual weather not really a "pumps weater" but rather a "boots weather" is, but boots will work also at that outfit. 

What do you think about the collection? Should it be wore or better hide in the back of the closet?

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. That jacket is to die for!!! I have some tights that colour too :) x

    1. Oh yes, it is. I need a plan to get it. Hubby thinks, I'm going to be a compulsive shopper and thwart me. Good on the one side, but … the jacket. <3



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