DIY: 7+1 ways to give
old buttons a second chance

Hello lovelies,

do you have such a little treasure box? Did your mum or gran collect buttons from old clothes? And did you know that buttons not only for clothes? I found some great ways to make jewelry out of them.

I won't spend to much words for this because it speaks for itself. So … let's start.

1. Button Necklaces

via Hero Arts Techniques

2. How to make a cool button pendant

via CraftyPod

3. DIY Vintage Button Necklace

via Budi kreativan

4. DIY Button Rings

via Lana Red Studio

5. Button Bracelet

via I Spy DIY

6. DIY Button Earrings – I

via Blog! Exploring the Cute and Whimsical | Cabbeet

7. DI> Buttons Earrings – II

via Morning Creativity

+1 … Why not make Button Flowers

via Desertmountanbear

I hope you enjoy this little "how to collection" as much as I do.
Wish you a great start in this new week.

Love, Mel … xoxo


Make your own plastic jewelry

Hello lovelies,

yes, I'm still alive and do some other things than hiding in an imaginary world and thinking to much about live, the universe and everything.

Today I finally made my shrink jewelry. I failed the first time because I print my layouts on the wrong side. The ink didn't dry, so I chuck them away and start a new try. This time with the prints on the correct side.

They look a bit awkward after cutting them out, didn't they? I thought at that moment that the second try was failed too.
I create 4 motifs: The cupcake and the skull as pedants (my niece choose already the cupcake) and a dog tag. The "fat" writing is for the second step of the "how to be a fat bitch ecourse", but I didn't decide yet if I make a necklace or a bracelett. But I (and also you) will know it soon.

After backing they didn't still look awkward. I really really love them. After I let them cool down I simply sealed them with nail polish top coat. Maybe I give the fat one a bit glitter …

I used ShrinkyDinks shrinkable plastic for inkjet printers (found at eBay). I'm better designing on the computer then drawing it by hand. Just print the motif, cut it out, bake it for a few minutes in the oven, seal it with simple nail polish and ready is your own handmade jewelry. This is awesome.

What you must keep in mind when you work with shrink plastic:
  • Lighten your motif
    The colours will be darker after baking
  • Make your motif bigger
    It will (who thought that) shrink while baking

For me, this shrink plastic stuff is really new. I stumbled over it while I read some blogs. So I try and learn. Do / Did you use shrink plastic? What did you make out of it? There are so many creative ideas and I'll try them all. I think the next project will be little bow earrings.

Love, Mel … xoxo


My week in pictures #4

Hello lovelies,

I don't want to explain a lot about my last week. Don't want to bore you or leave the impression of a whiny little person. I have depressions. This is one of my mental illness diagonsis. And that's the reason why I'm sometimes like paralysed and not able to pull myself together to do something.

Last saturday I had the hope, that the next week will went better, hadn't I? So … now, one week later, I have the answer. It didn't. But there was a few little moments which was worth to get postet on Instagram.

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Just a few impressions of a mostly empty week. Depressions aren't "just a bad day".

Via Blurt Foundation on Pinterest

Love, Mel … xoxo


10 Day You Challenge #1

Hello lovelies,

I stumble over the "10 Day You Challenge" recently and love the idea behind the challenge. Because that this is a personal blog I decided to take part of it. Sadly I didn't find the initiator of this challenge. If anyone can help feel free to leave a comment.

Let's start … 10 secrets about me.

1. I'm social phobic
Maybe this sounds a bit weird because I have a blog and talk to many people around the world through twitter. I have difficulties to get in touch with people around me. I have just a small amount of friends, but the few are the most important persons next to my family.

2. I'm divorced
Hubby is already the second one. The first marriage last 4 years and ended not "nice", sadly. This end was the trigger for my mental health to crash. I'm already struggling with it.

3. I'm a "gamer chick"
I love computer games, especially World of Warcraft. I've met some really lovely people in this online game and some of them also in "real life". Sometimes I spend the most of my time standing around in one of the cities, talking to some guild members.

4. My original hair colour is ash blonde …
… and I hate it. That's why I dye my hair since the age of 16. Mostly they had a red shade but I had also a few black and brown phases.

5. I'm so clumsy
Really. I stumble over a sand grain. I bump my ell bows at doorknobs, twist my ankles while walking on a clean ground, bump my head at cabinet doors … and so on. I'm the muggle version of Nymphadora Tonks.

6. I have ADHD
I'm a so-called "ADHD adult". I became the diagnose last year. It explains a lot … Since that time I can handle some of my quirks a bit better.

7. I never sleep without earplugs …
… because hubby snores. Now I sleep very well and he wanders on the sofa at night because I'm snoring. I would give him some of my earplugs but he wont. His fault.

8. I don't like summer (and the sun)
Don't get me wrong … I love the sun on my skin and how it smells then. But I have a sun allergy and become small itching spots, specially on my decollate. With it I'm very pale so I look like a lobster after 15 minutes. That why I'm always trying to avoid the sun. I don't like it too hot. My favourite seasons are spring and fall, when the weather is good, the sun is shining at 20 degrees (C) and I have a shadowy place to stay.

9. When I'm ill and have a temperature I have hallucinations
I think I have it from my dad. He hallucinate also when he have temperature. I have this since I was a little child. I remember that I was so angry about my parents once, because they place a small closet at a place in my room where I was building my castle. I was crying and screaming and my parents really helpless in this moment. I hoped that it will be better when I grow up but it don't. Last year I accuse hubby that he stole my eye and kept on and on until he gave me my eye back.

10. I kill plants
Don't ask me to take care of your flowers while you are on vacations. They will die. I have a "black thumb". Even cactuses commit suicide in my hands.

This was "10 secrets", the first part of the "10 Day You Challenge". I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Love, Mel … xoxo


Me week in pictures #3

Hello lovelies,

another week is gone and nothing happen. Ok, nothing can happen in your comfortzone, can't it? But I have still a disabled hubby at home. But this week he went much better. He'll try to go back to work on monday.

Spring is arrived. The sun is shining and my mood went a bit better. The thing with depressions is that it can paralyze you.

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Wish you all an amazing weekend!

Love, Mel … xoxo


Beauty: The Secrets of Olive Oil #1

Hello ladies,

hands up … who of you has rough and / or dry hair? I dye my hair since the age of 16. Meanwhile more than my half life. And they are rough and dry. And I tried many shampoos and conditioners. Sure, there are some products which helps to repair the hair … and empty your purse. Sorry, half of me is swabian and we're said to be very frugal. For me this means: Saving money on one site gaves me more to spend on the other. Shoes … for example.

This is now my absolute favorite moisturizer for dry hair. Olive oil, eggs and honey. I love cooking with olive oil, love honey on my toast for breakfast and … hubby like eggs, so I have these things at home every time.

You need for one application:
1x egg
2 tbsp olive oil

Mix the egg and the oil together and add honey until you have a soft paste. Apply it to your hair and let it soak for 30 min. Wrap a towel around your head or use a bathing cup to save your clothes and/or furniture for possibly droping hair mask.
Rinse down after 30 min with warm water and wash your hair as always.

I do this once or twice a month and my hair went better.

What your olive oil secrets?

Love, Mel … xoxo


My week in pictures #2

Hello lovelies,

another unspectacular week is nearly gone. Hubby was still at home with his bad back pain and I'm feeling like Evely Hamann in Loriots "Papa ante Portas".

On monday I had a little accident on the treadmill at the gym. In that case I was a bit disabled too this week. And today I had a huge dog on my chest because our "little" dog was afraid of hubbys blow dryer. I've read this week that german shepherds are fearless. We get screwed. He's such a chicken … unbelievable. When hubby turn on the blow-dryer he jumped on the bed and wanted me to protect him. I had the complete dog on my chest, a paw in my eye … and he has huge claws … and a tongue in my face. He's so sweet, isn't he? I love it to wake up like this. ;)

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Wish you all an amazing weekend!

Love, Mel … xoxo


Fa(t)shion: Flats are gorgeous!

Hello fashion victims,

it seems like everyone loves high heels. The higher the better. I love them too, my feets and my back not. I have a few pairs of middle heels and some low one. But I think in future I'll have a huge collection of flats. They don't take second place in my opinion.

So … today I'll have a nice collection from Next for you. I'm totally in love with all of them. Next month is my birthday. Somebody? ;)

Studs and Sparkles

Embellished Ballerinas | Sparkle Ballerinas
Sparkle Ballerinas (with animal print) | Black Stud Ballerinas


Davina Slab Ballerinas | Leopard Ballerinas
Leopard Effect Pony Skin Ballerinas | Camouflage Ballerinas


Citrine Jewel Ballerinas | Patent Bow Ballerinas
Perforated Pumps | Bow Ballerinas

Laser Cut

Laser Cut 1 | 2

What are your fav shoes? Do you rule the heels or the heels you? Link me shoes you would die for.

Love, Mel … xoxo


Beauty: DIY Body Scrubs

Hello beauties,

I'll tell you a little secret: I'm total obsessed with making beauty care stuff by myself. Lip balm, hair care, skin care … whatever. I love it to experiment with ingredients and fragrances. Today I'll talk a bit about a DIY Body Scrub. There are so many opinions so I think that there is one personal body scrub for everyone. And you don't need a huge shopping list for it.

What you need is:
  • Salt or sugar (sugar is more gentle on the skin)
  • Oil

Tadaaa … in fact everyone has this two ingredients in the kitchen. But that is too simple, isn't it? There are so many variations and with this you can make a little personal skin care gift for you and everybody you like.

Let's talk about oil: You'll need some carrier oil. This can be every vegetable oil which is gained from the fatty parts of a plant like the seeds or nuts.

List of the main carrier oils
(Quelle: Wikipedia)

Carrier oils are all cold press. Most of them are nearly odourless. Finding the perfect carrier oil for oneself is (sadly) try and error. Every oil has specific characteristics. Behind the link to the wikipedia webside you can find more details. Be aware: Don't use an oil of a plant you allergic about.

Then you need some essential oils. They are extracted via destillation from various plants and a lot more intesive then their carrier colleagues. And in this case they effect more reactions (irritations of the skin, allergic reaktions, for example). Don't panic, you just need a few drops. But if you are a very sensible type of human (like my hubs) try it out at an inconspicious place.
You can mix more some essential oils to get a unic flavor. But be aware: The amount at the ratio is relatet to ALL essential oils. If you mix 2 oils, you still need 6–10 drops, not the double amount. You want smell like you fell into the magic potio… I mean in a perfume shelf.

If you have your oils and sugar mix it about the following ratio:
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup carrier oil
  • 6–10 drops essential oil(s)

For a special eye catcher you can add some food coloring or glitter. This looks very nice when you make it as a gift. Fill it in a fitting yar, make some labels and … voilá.

Don't make to much at once and store it dark.

I hope you enjoy your home made body scrub. I'm curious what your special recipe will be. I would be all excited if you would share it with me.

Love, Mel … xoxo


OotD: Pink circle skirt

Hello lovelies,

it's monday again. This means I bring a new fashion post to you.
Last week the prevalent color on the fashion blogs I follow was pink. No, it wasn't arranged. It is really just accidentally. Finally: No, I'm not a copycat. I just want give spring a helping hand and I think that pink is the color which can make it.

The skirt and I have a long common story. First time I saw it on the Bonprix website ca. 6 month ago. I put it on my shopping cart … and deleted it before I send the rest of the order. This process repeated a few times. I wasn't sure about it.

But last month my relationship to this skirt changed. I saw the beautiful Katha from kathastrophal wearing that skirt at the Bonprix Plus Size Camp and she looked so gorgeous. And this was triggering. Next time I placed an order at Bonprix the skirt wandered into my basket again … and stayed.

I feel a bit … like a barrel but this feeling seems to baffels me because I don't look like a barrel on the pictures. Maybe I must simply become accustomed to the skirt or rather to skirts in generall. Skirts, and also dresses, are very new in my wardrobe.

The shoes are from my evans haul at the beginning of the year. The jewelry was a gift from my hubby in our first year as a couple. The earrings for Valentines Day and the necklace for my 30th birthday. I cherish both because they mean a lot to me. I'm kitschy romantic sometimes.

What do you think? And I'll have your honest belief! Already try to find my style and need some opinions from "the outside". Yes or no?

At least a public appeal to bonprix: Plus size didn't end at a EU50? This means: A lot of your dresses and skirts are out of my range. Examples? This and this and this and this … this makes me sad especially in case of the last dress.

I wish you all a great week.

Love, Mel … xoxo