10 Day You Challenge #1

Hello lovelies,

I stumble over the "10 Day You Challenge" recently and love the idea behind the challenge. Because that this is a personal blog I decided to take part of it. Sadly I didn't find the initiator of this challenge. If anyone can help feel free to leave a comment.

Let's start … 10 secrets about me.

1. I'm social phobic
Maybe this sounds a bit weird because I have a blog and talk to many people around the world through twitter. I have difficulties to get in touch with people around me. I have just a small amount of friends, but the few are the most important persons next to my family.

2. I'm divorced
Hubby is already the second one. The first marriage last 4 years and ended not "nice", sadly. This end was the trigger for my mental health to crash. I'm already struggling with it.

3. I'm a "gamer chick"
I love computer games, especially World of Warcraft. I've met some really lovely people in this online game and some of them also in "real life". Sometimes I spend the most of my time standing around in one of the cities, talking to some guild members.

4. My original hair colour is ash blonde …
… and I hate it. That's why I dye my hair since the age of 16. Mostly they had a red shade but I had also a few black and brown phases.

5. I'm so clumsy
Really. I stumble over a sand grain. I bump my ell bows at doorknobs, twist my ankles while walking on a clean ground, bump my head at cabinet doors … and so on. I'm the muggle version of Nymphadora Tonks.

6. I have ADHD
I'm a so-called "ADHD adult". I became the diagnose last year. It explains a lot … Since that time I can handle some of my quirks a bit better.

7. I never sleep without earplugs …
… because hubby snores. Now I sleep very well and he wanders on the sofa at night because I'm snoring. I would give him some of my earplugs but he wont. His fault.

8. I don't like summer (and the sun)
Don't get me wrong … I love the sun on my skin and how it smells then. But I have a sun allergy and become small itching spots, specially on my decollate. With it I'm very pale so I look like a lobster after 15 minutes. That why I'm always trying to avoid the sun. I don't like it too hot. My favourite seasons are spring and fall, when the weather is good, the sun is shining at 20 degrees (C) and I have a shadowy place to stay.

9. When I'm ill and have a temperature I have hallucinations
I think I have it from my dad. He hallucinate also when he have temperature. I have this since I was a little child. I remember that I was so angry about my parents once, because they place a small closet at a place in my room where I was building my castle. I was crying and screaming and my parents really helpless in this moment. I hoped that it will be better when I grow up but it don't. Last year I accuse hubby that he stole my eye and kept on and on until he gave me my eye back.

10. I kill plants
Don't ask me to take care of your flowers while you are on vacations. They will die. I have a "black thumb". Even cactuses commit suicide in my hands.

This was "10 secrets", the first part of the "10 Day You Challenge". I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. "I'm the muggle version of Nymphadora Tonks." That is completely me too! I can and do fall over everything, have no balance despite always wearing heels and slip on non existent ice!

    1. Sounds familiar, especially the part with the non existent ice. You wouldn't believe how often I stumble over my own feet when I play ball with the dog in my garden. *lol*


  2. I like this challenge I may do it myself! I look forward to reading the rest of yours too xx

    1. Do it. I would love to read your little secrets, loves, fears and the other stuff. :) xoxo

  3. Oh Mel, you do make me laugh. I'm so clumsy too! I'm always injuring myself. I cut my knuckle really badly on the lid of a water bottle a couple of days ago! I'm hopeless. Mind if I join in and post this series? x x

    1. Me too. Hubs would pack me into cotton if I would let him. :D

      Sure you can. I stumble over it at the internet by myself and joined it. :) xoxo

  4. I just found your blog yesterday June 12, 2013. And I thought I would start at the first of your 10 Day You Challenge. I have a lot in common with you, but it was so inspiring to find out that you play WOW as well. :) It made me smile. Thank you


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