DIY: 7+1 ways to give
old buttons a second chance

Hello lovelies,

do you have such a little treasure box? Did your mum or gran collect buttons from old clothes? And did you know that buttons not only for clothes? I found some great ways to make jewelry out of them.

I won't spend to much words for this because it speaks for itself. So … let's start.

1. Button Necklaces

via Hero Arts Techniques

2. How to make a cool button pendant

via CraftyPod

3. DIY Vintage Button Necklace

via Budi kreativan

4. DIY Button Rings

via Lana Red Studio

5. Button Bracelet

via I Spy DIY

6. DIY Button Earrings – I

via Blog! Exploring the Cute and Whimsical | Cabbeet

7. DI> Buttons Earrings – II

via Morning Creativity

+1 … Why not make Button Flowers

via Desertmountanbear

I hope you enjoy this little "how to collection" as much as I do.
Wish you a great start in this new week.

Love, Mel … xoxo


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