My Simply Be Wishlist

Hello fashionistas,

it's time to share my actual wishlist with you. This time I browse at SimplyBe and found so many nice clothes. Sadly hubs didn't win in the lottery this night. I must still be patient and can't buy all at once.

We are agreed that spring was … nothing that deseverd the name. Let's hope that summer will be better. All fingers crossed?

First I found a cute dress for a trip into the countryside on a sunny day.

A trip into the countryside

Second I must admit, that I mostly wear jeans, even at summer. So this is a set for a "not so hot" day at the city, eating icecream and rummage in air-conditioned bookshop (or whatever you like).

A day at the city

This was my first time I try polyvore and I added the items from the german Simply Be shop, but I added the links to the uk site.

What do you think? Would you wear one of those items? I think I would finally wear the dress with tights or leggins. Not brave enough to go out with bare legs at the moment.

Love, Mel … xoxo

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