OotD: Winona Hi-Lo Dress

Hello curvies,

today I will show you what I wore at my birthday on saturday. I was absolutly overdressed between my friends, but when I can't wear a beautiful dress at my birthday, when then?
This is my second dress from Kiyonna, the Winona Hi-Lo Wrap Dress. I love it more than the first one, which I already love.

The material is softer and – in my opinion – the cut fits better on my body and the neckline isn't as deep as at the black dress. At least the colour is awesome.

Only the shoulders concerns me a bit. They stick out, what looks a bit strange. Are my shoulders too wide?

What do you think about the dress? Do you have dresses from Kiyonna? And what is you favorite?

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. I love that dress! It's so pretty! :)

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous and you look amazing! x x

  3. You look fantastic. I love the colour.
    I've got a couple of Kiyonna dresses and they are really great styles for larger ladies.

    1. Thank you. <3 Yes, they have. The dresses fits perfectly. xoxo


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