The 10 Day You Challenge #3

Hello lovelies,

it's time for the third part of the challenge: 8 Fears. I have many fears … more than eight. I'm affected by anxiety states and become panik attack from things, that are "normal" for many people.

In case that you missed the first 2 parts, here they are:
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1. Spiders
I'm arachnophobic. And I can't absolutly take a joke about this. They make me sream like a little girl. The bigger, the louder.

2. Roller skates
I broke my arm at the age of 8 while roller skating. Since this time (28 years now) I never try it again.

3. Getting really ill
I don't mean a cold. I mean something like cancer or multiple sclerosis or something like that. I immediately assume the worst. And this results in physical pains, which makes the fear bigger … It's a vicious circle.

4. Being alone at night
One should think that a big girl like me can stay alone at night. No, I can't. As well as I have a huge dog. But he is more afraid than I. My huge dog is a wimp and wouldn't help me to stay tough if hubby were not at home at night.

5. Crowds
I hate too much people on one spot. Really. It makes me nervous and anxious. Nevertheless I'll visit the "Hessentag" next month which is held in my town this year. Keep your fingers cross that I'll survive that day.

6. Hospital
There are only a few people who like it to go to the hospital. My mum, for example. But I'm really afraid of it. I had a surgery last year in june and the days before were a torture. But I was lucky with the hospital choice. The nursing stuff and my surgeon were so lovely. They took a bit from my fear.

7. Dentist
I'm a sissy when I'm sitting on this chair and hear the noise of the dental drill from the next room. I found a really nice dentist which made my visits a bit acceptable. Not only because of his beautiful blue eyes.

8. Dead
Whatever … my one, hubs, dad or my dog. I think the dead afraid the most of us.

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. I hate spiders, eek. I hate being on my own at night too. I always have since a horrible thing happened when I was a teenager. x x

    1. Sorry to hear that. I hadn't such an experience in the privacy of my home. That's why I think it's an irrational fear. I can't imagen how I would feel if I had such an experience. *hug* xoxo


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