The 10 Day You Challenge #4

Hello lovelies,

today is my birthday and I'm stressed out by the prearrangement. Thereby I don't make a big party, just a nice evening with friends and family. I have the impression, that I make only barbecue stuff this week. First the birthday of my mum on tuesday and four days later mine. After this day we have quietness for one month. And than it begins again. First my dad and five days later hubs. The same procedure as every year.

Today I share part 4 from "The 10 Day You Challenge" with you:
7 Wants.

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1. Health
I know, this is something everybody wants, but I think that it has different meanings depending on whether you are healthy or not. I'll be healthy again. I'm suffering with my mental illness and the hence resulting physical problems since years. Everytime I make a step forward there is this time when I make 2 steps backwards. Every fall-back is like sticking in drift sand. The harder I try to get out of this state, the deeper I'm drawed in.
And it doesn't mean only health for myself. I wish my loves were healthy as well.

2. A car again
I'm simply more mobile with a car than with the public transport. I hate crowds in trams or busses. I hope, that we'll have a car again soon.

3. A biker jacket
Since a half year, I want such a jacket so bad. And know my wish comes true. I order one on monday at ASOS. Yeah! :)

4. Living in a little house
Sometimes I hope that hubs and I will live in a little house. With a small garden and in a better neighbourhood than yeat. This in more a dream than a want. *sigh*

5. Happyness
Another thing that everybody wants, but for me this is close-knit with that "health thing" above.

6. A baby
Ok … I share a lot of my personal stuff here on my blog and I'm not very withdrawn. But this will stay at this point for itself without further words. I think, I've readers who will understand why this stands for itself.

7. A new camera
I make my pictures for this blog with my old (very old) Canon Powershot A520 and you can see that it's not in his best condition. The product and food pictures a taken with my iPhone, just because the pictures are better than with my old digital cam. So one of the next things on my wishlist is a new camera.

I think in this list are the banal things mixed with the huge things. If someome would ask me: "Health or a car?" I would choose health. "Happyness or the biker jacket?" … sure the happyness. And "baby or camera?" … Sorry guys, you must life with the bad pictures.
But we all have that huge and small wishes. The banal ones and the elementary. Didn't we?

I wish you a great weekend. Enjoy it!

Love, Mel … xoxo


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