And my love goes to … #11

Hello lovelies,

how was your week? I had a unstressed one and managed it really good, even if their wasn't any highlights. So let's go to my faves finds from this week outright.


♥ From 3:15 I feel this mini* – love the 3D animation ♥
How should I describe this mini … imagine how small is an ant at the deepest place on earth, while you're sitting in an airplane at the highest point of the sky. And multiply this with the number of galaxy named in this video. ;)


♥ I think, this picture is self-explanatory ♥


♥ This olive oil lemon cake sounds delicious ♥
(via Zimt, Zucker & Liebe)


♥ So cute ♥
(via Dill Pickle Design)


♥ Beautiful ♥
(via Sweet Sugar)


♥ Love this tee from [JUNAROSE] ♥


♥ just wow … awesome ♥
(via Karmesin on MyStyleHit)


♥ I'm not a huge fan of sportfreunde stiller, but the often I hear this song the more I love it ♥
(Lyric translations for my english readers)

Enjoy it! Hope I found something you like. :) Did you find something you really like at the internet this week? Share it. :)

Wish you an amazing weekend!

Love, Mel … xoxo

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