Maite Kelly Collection at Bonprix

Hello lovelies,

recently Bonprix launched the new Maite Kelly Collection at the german shop very quiet. It seems that there was no announcement and in the »press« section is no lookbook available. Without Bine and Steffi I would have no idea that there is a new collection. Sadly, some items are already sold, but I hope they will be in stock soon.

I like a few pieces of the collection even if I have the impression that it drag behind a bit, especially when I look at the colour block dress, shirt and trouser.

I love the neon patches at the elbow parts of the sweater and also stripe shirts, when others wearing them. Maybe I should give this one a go.

The jumper is definitely mine. Looks so comfy, we'll se if it is. Nothing new is the heart on the front. I think, I saw a similar one at ASOS. But it's so lovely.

So, this is one item out of the colour block set, which included a trouser, a dress and this top. And the long top on the right looks so amazing, when you wear it underneath a shorter jumper. Like the way how they styled it at the overview page. Must have it, best in all three colours.

This was my tiny overview from the new Maite Kelly collection at Bonprix. I have no idea why they launched it so quietly. I think it's a lovely collection with some nice items. What do you think? Would you by something of the collection, when it is available in your country?

Love, Mel … xoxo


  1. Hi Mel,
    ich hab mir das gestreifte Kleid bestellt. Und freu mich schon drauf das mit Stiefeln im Herbst/Winter zu tragen.

    ♥ Bine

    1. Du konntest dich tatsächlich auf ein Teil beschränken? Wow … ich hadere noch, welche ich (erst mal) aus der Bestellung draußen lasse. Vermutlich die Hose und … tjo … ^^

  2. I love the stripey top and the long blue top. I wonder if they'll be coming to Bonprix UK soon? It's a shame it's such a small collection. x x

    1. I keep my fingers cross for you that it will come to the UK shop soon. I didn't think that the collection is so small … I like the size and the variety. xoxo


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